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I am now in the process up updating my Canada 1 cents page, a major update now done for all Canada 1 cents from 1858 to 1969.

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Calgary Coin Gallery offers a wide selection coins and paper money for sale including Canadian coins and paper money, ancient and medieval coins and modern coins of the world.

I buy Canadian coins and paper money as well as US and modern world. I also buy gold and silver coins, both collectable and metal value types. If you are looking to sell your coins, please bring them to the store and I will be happy to assess them and make an offer at no charge. I cannot make offers based on lists or phone calls.

It is often fairly busy in my store, and I am often dealing with several people at a time in person. This limits the time I can spend on the phone discuss collection, valuations or hand record orders people want to place by phone. You will get a much better response from me if you requests for information by email, or place orders by either e-mail or the secure order form on this website.

Calgary Coin

The store is located in Calgary at :

1404 Centre Street SE, Calgary

This is 4 1/2 blocks south of the Calgary Tower, 2 blocks west of the Stampede grounds.

My usual hours are Tuesday to Friday from 10:30 to 5, and Saturdays from 12 to 4. I am closed Sundays, Mondays and Holidays. It is best to phone ahead (403-266-5262) to confirm I am not away at an out-of-town coin show.

A map to the location, with additional contact information, can be found on my :

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Many people phone asking about coin values. A meaningful appraisal usually requires seeing the coins, making accurate phone appraisals impossible. I can sometimes advise on a couple of coins on the phone, but time does not permit me to discuss long lists.

I also buy most bullion gold and silver coins and bars so if you bring the items to my store I will examine them and make a verbal offer, at no charge while you wait. When time permits I will do insurance and estate written appraisals on coin collections but time is not always available for this. Please check with me if you need an appraisal done. I charge $75.00 per hour any written appraisal or verbal appraisal where detailed itemization is requested. Please note that I no longer buy gold or silver jewelry, flatware or other non-coin items.

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I BUY ALL TYPES OF GOLD AND SILVER COINS, AS WELL AS GOLD AND SILVER BARS, plus gold jewelry when time permits although jewelry is time consuming and I will only do jewelry if the store is not too busy. I do not buy silver jewelry. I reserve the right to limit quantities of bullion I are willing to purchase at any one time, so if you have large quantities please call ahead. I do not buy or sell any form of gold or silver by mail.

I keep only limited amounts of cash on hand so when buying transactions over a few hundred dollars I will have to pay by cheque. I am licensed in the City of Calgary and follow the city bylaws requiring me to file a police report on all purchases, which require two pieces of identification one of which must be a government issued photo ID (Drivers license, passport, etc) and the other can be anything official but need not have a photo (heath care, etc). You must also provide proof of your address which may be on one of the ID's, but could be a piece of mail address to you. You will be required to sign the report before payment is made. If you cannot not provide the required ID or are unwilling to sign the report, I cannot buy your items.

The Kitco gold and silver price charts to the left are IN CANADIAN dollars based on the New York spot metals converted at official exchange rates. These charts are updated throughout the day when the New York markets are open.

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