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Canadian Tokens

Calgary Coin offers for sale a wide selection of Canadian token and medallions including Breton Pre-Confederation and post confederation tokens, French Regime coins, merchant tokens and city trade dollars, with many types and price ranges for all collectors. If you ever order a coin or token from me that you are not happy with, it can be returned for a full refund. For those new to coin collecting and who are not familiar with the meaning of the grading codes that preceded each price, information on them can be found on our Canadian Coin Introduction Page.

Prices are in Canadian Dollars


In this section I include the tokens, jetons and French coins used in Canada under the French Regime prior up to 1757.

French Regime Coins

  1. 30 denier, Mousquetaire issue, of 1713 D
    usual silver grainy surface, slightly rough VF   SOLD


Anchor money was minted for the British West Indies, and probably never saw use in Canada, but was included in Bretons book on early Canadian items and so is collected by many Canadian collectors..


  1. British West Indies, 1/16 dollar, Breton
    #532 .............................. ICCS XF-40   SOLD


The A at the top of the reverse cause the Scott Stamp and Coin Company to list these as Canadian tokens from Anticosti Island and while this probably not correct, collectors of Canadian tokens often include one in their collections. No one is certain who made these and why. Some think is was a New York City die maker George Hampden Lovett about 1870, others have pointed out the "A" might be the mint mark for the Paris mint. Some believe it might be a pattern for the Honduras, although it has no resemblance to any Honduras coin and the 1/8 denomination does not make sense there. For now it will remain a mystery. These are usually seen uncirculated or near too, often with some lustre and it is likely they were never actually used anywhere.

  1. Obverse Female head wearing a Roman style
    helmet. Reverse 1/8 in wreath with A at top.
    Copper, round, 14.5 mm .... red and brown, UNC   SOLD


The following tokens were issued for use in Pre-Confederation Canada, with the reference numbers listed referring to "A CHARLTON STANDARD CATALOGUE, CANADIAN COLONIAL TOKENS", by W. K. Cross, The Charlton Press, Toronto Canada. There are some Foreign tokens used in Canada and catalogued by Breton but are not in the Charlton book, in which case I will reference to their Breton numbers.


  1. NB-1B, 1854, 1/2 d ................ ICCS MS-60  $350.00


  1. NF-1C1, ST. JOHN'S, Rutherford ...............
    .......................... old cleaning, XF-40   SOLD


  1. NS-1A4, 1823, 1/2 D ............... ICCS AU-55  $355.00
  2. NS-1D2, 1832, 1/2 D ............... ICCS XF-40   $52.50
  3. NS-2A2, 1824, 1 D .................. ICCS F-15   SOLD
  4. NS-4A2, 1832 1 D I grade F-15, ICCS mark VF-20   SOLD
  5. NS-6A1, 1856 LCW, 1 D, lt marks on neck, AU-58  $160.00


  1. PE-6A1, 1855, CENT ..................... XF-40   $50.00
  2. PE-7C1, 1857, self gov. free trade, ICCS XF-30   $38.00
  3. PE-7C4, 1857 ...................... ICCS XF-40   SOLD


Wellington tokens are named such because they have a portrait of Wellington on the obverse. Most were struck in England for use in England between 1812 and 1814, although one large issue are the 1812 types were for by English troops in Spain and Portugal during the Peninsular Campaign of the Napoleonic wars. A few are also of Irish origins. By some time in 1814 their use in England was banned so many were shipped to the British colonies for use, and some may have been carried over with British Troops sent to fight in the America's during the War of 1812. These tokens were used in Canada but their circulation here was limited, and mostly in Lower Canada.

In 1825 Canada banned the importation of private tokens, although those already in Canada continued to circulate. There were people who continued to make and bring in such tokens illegally, but had to put pre-1825 dates on them so they could claim they were already here before 1825. The Wellington tokens dated 1805 and those dated 1814 to 1816, are mostly of this status and probably all made after 1825 but their exact date of issue is not known. The Cossack coinage is not dated but probably was made in 1813.

  1. WE-11A6, 1812, 1/2 D ................... AU-50   SOLD
  2. WE-11A6, 1812, 1/2 D .............. ICCS XF-40   SOLD


In 1791 the Constitutional act was passed, dividing the British colony in Canada into the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada, with the Province of Lower Canada being largely the southern portion of what is now the province of Quebec. In 1840 Upper and Lower Canada to again re-joined to become the British territory known as the Province of Canada.


  1. UC-9A1, 1/2 D, SLOOP, COMMERCIAL CHANGE .....
    reverse die very deteriorated ........... VG-8   SOLD


  1. LC-5A1, SOU, (1838) Banque du Peuple .... F-15  $135.00
  2. LC-5A3, SOU,(1837) B du Peuple, scratch. VF-20   SOLD
  3. LC-8A1, 1/2 D, 1837, City bank ......... XF-40   $42.50
  4. LC-8B1, 1/2 D, 1837, Quebec Bank ....... VF-30   $25.00
  5. LC-8C1, 1/2 D, 1837, Ban. du peuple,ICCS XF-40   $72.00


Because of the rebellion of 1837, the Constitutional Act of 1791 was suspended and in 1838 a special council was appointed to run the colony. In 1840 the Union Act was passed to re-unite the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada into the Province of Canada, although the act did not become official until 1841. Under the Province of Canada only bank tokens were issued and no merchant or private tokens were allowed. No Province of Canada tokens were issued after 1857, as the British government introduced 1, 5, 10 and 20 cent pieces in 1858 (which you will find listed under the appropriate headings of standard Canadian coins).

  1. PC-5A, 1/2 D, 1850, Bank of Upper Canada,
    Saint George ...................... ICCS AU-50   $32.00


Blacksmith tokens refers to locally made counterfeit tokens made to pass in circulation as official coins and tokens. They are very difficult coins to grade as they made to look worn out so they would not stand out along side the worn official coins and tokens they copy. Even the nicest ones would only grade G to VG if you were grading on as one of the official coins they copy, when in fact as a blacksmith token they might actually grade VF or XF. Such counterfeiting was common all around the world at the time, and only those types believed to have actually been struck in Canada can be properly called Canadian Blacksmith tokens, and are identified by die variety. A full listing of the known types accepted as Canadian can be found in "A CHARLTON STANDARD CATALOGUE, CANADIAN COLONIAL TOKENS" book.

  1. BL-10, copies a George III 1/2 d ........ VF-20   SOLD


This section lists tokens of foreign manufacture that either circulated in Canada, or were brought to Canada by collectors because they were similar to tokens that circulated here and which are listed in "A CHARLTON STANDARD CATALOGUE, CANADIAN COLONIAL TOKENS".

  1. AM-1A4, a British token ........... ICCS XF-40   SOLD


The Hudson Bay Company issues a variety of tokens between the 1850's and 1940's, and all are now getting difficult to find. The reference on these (who's numbering system we refer to) is MEDALS TOKENS AND PAPERMONEY OF THE HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY, by Larry Gingras, 1975.


The East Main District was a region east and south of Hudson's Bay. Some time around or just after 1854 the Hudson Bay Company issued a set of four brass token denominated in 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and 1 "made beaver". They are marked NB for Made Beaver due to an die cutters error in England where they were minted, but were used in spite of this error. Many of these tokens have a small punch mark at the bottom of the reverse, which is sometimes referred to as a cancellation, but it is now believed they punch marks mark them for use at a different trading area, and there is evidence they were made a few years after the un-punched examples.

HBC 1/8 mb token ca. 1854
Image of actual HBC 1/8 MB token TYPE ONLY
to show general design

  1. East Main, 1/8 NB, brass, 20 mm ........ AU-50   SOLD


Labrador District tokens were first issued some time around 1919 to replace the "Parson's tokens". There are two different sets, the earlier type with the denominations 1, 5, 10 and 20, which were denominated in "Made Beaver" but do not have the MB on them, and the reverse is nearly blank. A later set was issued in 5, 10 and 20 denominations, and have the unites on the obverse, and the unit with "MB" on the reverse. While Gingras describes the first set as being in tin or white metal, and the second set as aluminum, all of the first set examples I have seen were aluminum.

  1. Labrador District, early issue with blank
    reverse, value 1 (MB), aluminum, 22 mm. ref.
    G. 255 ................................... gVF   SOLD


In 1922 the ST. Lawrence and Labrador Districts were joined, and about 1923 tokens were issued with this joint name. There were issued in 1, 5, 10 and 20 made beaver (MB) denominations, with each denomination found with both small and large letting. While in Mr. Gingras book on HBC tokens and medals they are listed as fairly common, in recent years they have become much more difficult to find.

  1. St. Lawrence and Labrador district, 20 MB,
    round aluminum 32 mm, reference G 260c (small
    letters) .................................. VF   SOLD


The Hudson's Bay store at Yorkton Saskatchewan was opened in 1898, but these tokens appear to have been issued sometime around WWI. The General manager had them minted and used them to pay local farmers for the produce they brought in. A full set of the tokens would include a 5, 10, 25 and 50 cents, as well as a $1.00 token. Today it is very difficult to assemble a full set, with only the 5 and 10 cents usually available.

HBC Yorkton token

  1. Yorkton, Sask. 5 cent, aluminum, G-280, AU-50   SOLD
  2. Yorkton, Sask. 10 cent, aluminum G-280a AU-50   $85.00


In 1946 the Hudson's Bay Company issued rather simple tokens for use in Arctic trading posts, with the primary reason for their use to teach the local Inuit how to work with the decimal monetary system. I have seen a Canada Film board documentary on the arctic, made about 1957 which has a scene shot inside of the HBC posts, where you can see these tokens piled on the counter in the background. The use of these tokens was discontinued in 1962.

The five main tokens are denominated in 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 cents which are sometimes collected as a set unto themselves. The large square token denominated as "1" (WHITE FOX) is technically part of this set but is also often collected by itself.

HBC Artic tokens

  1. HBC 1 (white fox), G-285e . heavy scuffs AU-50   SOLD
  2. FULL SET with the 5 round tokens and the
    square white fox. Some of the tokens have minor
    areas of roughness, but over all XF or better   SOLD

HBC 1970 Medals

For the 300th anniversary of the Hudson's Bay Company in 1970, Dora de Petry Hunt was commissioned to design three medallions although with size and other variations there are five types. A unique cast with the added inscription "CHURCHILL MANITOBA" was presented Governor General Roland Michener. 100 roughly 98 mm bronze castings of the regular design were made for presentation to VIP's. 47,000 of 45 mm bronze were struck for share holders in their 1970 annual reports plus some were given to staff. 2463 of the 45 mm bronze were later nickel plated and sold to the public. 11,500 at 39 mm bronze were struck for sale to the public as either as loose medals, in lucite paper weights or as pendants. This information comes from MEDALS TOKEN AND PAPER MONEY of the HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY by Larry Gingras, published by the Canadian Numismatic Research Society, 1975).

While the mintage for the 45 mm bronze was more than 4 times that of the 35 mm bronze and nickel medals, in my experience the 45 mm examples are much harder to find.

  1. 38.7 mm struck bronze, G. 160, minor dark
    .................................... spots UNC   SOLD

The Hudson Bay Company issues a variety of tokens between the 1850's and 1940's, and all are now getting difficult to find. The reference on these (who's numbering system we refer to) is MEDALS TOKENS AND PAPERMONEY OF THE HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY, by Larry Gingras, 1975.



Lamson and Hubbard was an American furrier from Boston who in 1918 which opened a Canadian division under the name Lamson and Hubbard Canada Company Ltd, to compete with the Hudson Bay Company in the Canadian North. They started by purchasing 7 pre-existing fur trading posts, but quickly built up to 35 posts, but lacked the financial resources to survive a recession in the early 1920's and went out of business in 1923. Their tokens were issued from Baker Lake in the Northwest Territories (now Nunavut) right around 1920. They are denominated in "Made Beaver" skins, just as many of the HBC tokens were.

A complete set of Lamson and Hubbard tokens would include a 1/2, 1 and 5 MB. These tokens are rare, and the last time I had a full set available was in the late 1980's. Even single tokens are rarely offered for sale.

Lamson and hubbard token

  1. Lamson & Hubbard, 1 (MB), aluminum ..... XF-40   SOLD

Both on the image and with the token in hand, there appears to be a scratch. Viewed under a microscope, it is actually a whitish line of aluminum with a different surface texture and is an irregularity on the flan before this token was struck.



Breton Tokens are token published by P.N. Breton in his book "Popular Illustrated Guide to Canadian Coins, Medals, etc" in 1894, and includes items from both before and after Canadian confederation of 1867. In recent years, those tokens issued before confederation have come to be known as "Pre-Confederation tokens" and are listed separately above by their Charlton numbers. The post-confederations token are below, and are listed by their Breton number. In some cases, there will be varieties where Breton only listed one example of a type, but it may exist in a variety of metals, or with minor varieties, which we will note where possible.

  1. BR-585, JOS. LE ROUX, M.D., Montreal
    26 mm, copper, round ..... red and brown MS-63  $110.00
    ca. 1890, 25 mm, round ... Red and Brown MS-62   $85.00
  3. BR-820, B. ROTHWELL, 1 quart, 25 mm, white
    metal, round ...................... ICCS MS-60   $60.00
  4. BR-832, P. McEVOY, OTTAWA, G/F 10 cent
    24.5 mm, brass, round ............. ICCS MS-60  $140.00
    brass, round, G/F 5 CENTS ......... ICCS VF-30  $150.00
  6. BR-938, REVELSTOKE BC, W. COWAN, brass
    round, G/F 15 CENTS ............... ICCS VF-20   $95.00



  1. GENOA BAY, Genoa Bay Farm ca. 1953 to 1967,
    G/F 1 quart milk, 23.5 mm square aluminium,
    G0510c ................................... gF   $ 7.50
    30.0 mm round, plastic, X-58 ............. VF   SOLD
    1976, 1 TOKEN (used as 25 cent), hexagonal,
    aluminium, 22.5 mm, U9235a ............... XF   $ 2.50
    1976, 4 TOKEN (used as $1.00), hexagonal,
    aluminium, 27.5 mm, U9235b ............... XF   $ 2.50


  1. CALGARY ARCADE. ca. 1908. No denomination
    indicated, Brass, 25.5 mm, CA 1260 .. R-7. VF   SOLD
  2. CALGARY AUTOMATION CO, ca. 1908. G/F 1
    PLAY, brass, 22.5 mm, CA1320, R-7 ........ VF   SOLD
  3. CALGARY, Crist Cafe, ca. 1910-1934, 5 cent
    round, brass, 21 mm, CA2820d, R-3 ........ XF   SOLD
  4. CALGARY, Sol Dworkin, ca. 1938, G/F 10
    cents, round brass, hole in center, 18 mm
    CA3420, listed R-9, probably R-7 to R-8 ... VF   SOLD
    Company Limited, G/F 50 cent, round, brass,
    28.5 mm ................... R-8 ........... XF   SOLD
  6. EDMONTON, Leader Novelty, 18/5 mm, round
    brass, no denomination, ED470E, R-3 ...... gVF   $ 7.50
  7. HIGH RIVER, Laidlaws, (1916-1924) 22.5 mm
    round alum, H-575b, 5 cent, R-3 .......... UNC   SOLD
  8. HIGH RIVER, Laidlaws, (1916-1924) 28.5 mm
    round alum, H-575E, 25 CENT, R-3 ......... UNC   SOLD
  9. HIGH RIVER, Powell Baker, G/F 1 LOAF,
    octagonal aluminum, 26.5 mm, H650b, R-3 . FINE   SOLD
  10. HIGH RIVER, Powell's Bakery, G/F 1-X-L
    loaf, octagon. aluminum, H650F .. R-3 ..... XF   $10.00


The main book on Saskatchewan tokens, and who's reference numbers we use below and from which much of our information on these tokens is drawn, is "SASKATCHEWAN TRADE TOKENS, PAPERE MONEY, SCRIPT" by Cecil C. Tannahill, F.C.N.R.S, published 1980, with a supplement of new additions and rarity changes (uncertain date).

  1. BRUNO, Schwinghamer, (1919), G/f $5.00
    rectang, alum, 19 x 27 mm, 0836b, R-3, wavy XF   $15.00
  2. BRUNO, Schwinghamer, (1919), G/F $1.00
    rectang, alum, 19 x 27 mm, 0836d, R-3 .... gXF   $15.00
  3. BRUNO, Schwinghamer, (1919), G/F 10 cents,
    scalloped, 25 mm, 0837f ...... R-4 ........ VF   SOLD
  4. DELISLE, S. Moulton, (1914), 5 cent,
    round aluminum, 22 mm, 1100 h, R-3 ....... UNC   SOLD
  5. DELISLE, S. Moulton, (1914), 10 cent,
    round aluminum, 25 mm, 1100 g, R-3 ....... UNC   SOLD
  6. ELBOW, W. J. Dobbin Co., ca. 1911, G/F 1 cent,
    round aluminum, 18 mm, 1400j1, R-3 ........ AU   $ 7.50  
  7. GIRVIN, S. Moulton general store, ca. 1912
    G/F 25 cents, round, aluminum, 25 mm, 1780f
    ..................... R-6 ................. XF   $10.00
  8. GIRVIN, S. Moulton general store, ca. 1912
    G/F $1.00, round, aluminum, 35 mm, 1780 d
    ..................... R-4 .... minor scuff UNC   $ 7.50
  9. GIRVIN, S. Moulton general store, ca. 1912
    G/F $1.00, round, aluminum, 35 mm, 1780 d
    ..................... R-4 ................. BU   $10.00
  10. GIRVIN, S. Moulton general store, ca. 1912
    G/F $5.00, octagonal, aluminum, 36 mm, 1780a
    ..................... R-3 ................. AU   $ 7.50
    octagonal aluminum, 27 mm, 1915r1 (hold) .. VF   $ 5.00  
  12. HAGUE, J.A. Freisen and Sons Merchants,
    G/F 50 cents, oval, aluminum, 39 x 25 mm,
    2000e, early large issue (1912) ... R-4 ... VF   SOLD
  13. HAGUE, J.A. Freisen and Sons Merchants,
    G/F 10 cents, oval, aluminum, 31 x 21 mm,
    2001g, later small issue (1919) R-4, damaged F   $ 5.00  
  14. HAGUE, Schellenberg (1917-1925), G/F 50
    Cents, rnd alumin. 33 mm, 2020E bent, dig . gF   SOLD
  15. HAGUE, Schellenberg (1917-1925), G/F 50
    Cents, rnd alumin. 33 mm, 2020E .. sl bend, VF   SOLD
  16. HERBERT, Western Canada Supply Co. G/f 10
    Cents, round aluminum 25 mm, 2170g ... damaged   $ 5.00
  17. HERBERT, Western Canada Supply Co. G/f 10
    Cents, round aluminum 25 mm, 2170g ....... gVF   $15.00
  18. HUMBOLT, C. Bruser (1918 to 1923), G/F
    5 Cent, round aluminum, 22 mm, 2250h . R-3, AU   $ 6.50
  19. HUMBOLT, C. Bruser (1918 to 1923), G/F
    10 cent, rnd, alum. 25 mm, 2050g, scratched XF   $ 3.50
  20. HUMBOLT, RICHMAN'S, G/F 25 cent, round
    aluminum, 28 mm, 2265f .. R-3 ............ UNC   $ 7.50
  21. HUMBOLT, RICHMAN'S, G/F $1.00, round
    aluminum, 36 mm, 2265d ...... R-3 ......... XF   $ 7.50  
  22. RADISSON, E. WENN. CA. 1908, G/F one
    quart, round aluminum, 29 mm, 4015g, R-4 ... F   $ 9.50
  23. RADVILLE, JOE SHIBLEY. ca. 1914-33,
    G/F 25 cents, round aluminum, 28.5 mm,
    4060f ....... R-5 .......... rough at edge, AU   SOLD
  24. REGINA, S.G.I.O (Saskatchewan Government
    Insurance Company Coffee Bar, round aluminum
    26.5 mm, 4870t, issued 1965 ... R-3 ....... XF   $ 6.00
  25. REGINA WA-WA DRUM CORP. Coat check
    stamped "DRUM" to convert it to a drink
    token, brass, round, 30 mm, made with a
    small hole, ca. 1966 and 1967 .... R-3 .... VF   $ 3.50
  26. REGINA, Wascana Winter Club, ca. 1931 to
    1935), used as 25 cents for badminton birds,
    octagonal, aluminum, 23 mm, 5000m1 .. R-4 UNC   $ 8.00
  27. REGINA, Washington Park Bakery (1915 to
    1918), G/F 1 loaf, square aluminum 25 mm,
    4350r (small phone number) ... R-4 ......... F   $ 7.50
  28. REGINA, Washington Park Bakery (1915 to
    1918), G/F 1 loaf, square aluminum 25 mm,
    4350r1 (large phone number) .. R-4 ........ VF   $ 8.00
  29. SWIFTCURRENT, Rollefson Bros. G/F 5 CENT,
    1912 to 1934, rnd alum. 18.5 mm, 6640h, R3 ...
    ................................. scratches XF   SOLD
  30. SWIFTCURRENT, Rollefson Bros. G/F 50 Cent
    1912 to 1934, rnd alum. 25 mm, 6640e, R-3, UNC   SOLD
  31. SWIFTCURRENT, Rollefson Bros. G/F $1.00
    1912 to 1934, rnd alum. 32 mm, 6640d, R-3, UNC   $ 7.50


  1. PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, Fullers Bakery. Fuller's
    home made bread in circle, G/F 1 loaf. 25 mm,
    square, aluminum, 3280a ....... R-3 ........ F   $ 4.50
  2. PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, Fullers Bakery. Fuller's
    home made bread in square, G/F on loaf,
    23.5 mm, square, aluminum, 3280b ... R-3 .. VF   $ 5.00
  3. PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, Fullers Bakery. Fuller's
    Baker Portage La Prairie in square, G/F one
    loaf, 23.5 mm, square, aluminum, 3280c, R-3 VF   $ 5.00  


  1. BRANFORD, Mac Nicolls Dairy Ltd, 40 mm
    triangular, G/F 1 quart ..... R-2 ......... VF   $ 3.00
  2. FERGUS, Melville Church, pewter communion
    token, rectangular, 21.5 x 26.5 mm ......... VF   SOLD

Prices are in Canadian Dollars

All orders shipped to addresses in Canada must add GST (or HST).

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