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Due to the limited number of types with only two characters, we have found it to be easier to just show you the types, which are also links to the appropriate part of our reference guide. In some cases, there may be several closely related coins with the same characters, which all belong to a single series. In these cases the link will take you to the beginning of these series and you will have to look through the listings to find your variety. Please read any notes provided beside the image.

pan liang "Yi Hao"- this is a series coins that are of uncertain date and may have been issued some time during the late Zhou to early Western Han dynasties.
pan liang "Pan Liang" - this is a series coins issued during the Zhou, Chin and Western Han dynasties. The are separated by size, weight and calligraphy varieties, but are still poorly understood. The image will take you to the listing under Chin, but it is important to read the text that follows.
S-211 "Feng-Huo" - This type was issued by the Rebel Shih Lo during the Western Chin dynasty.
S-245 "PU CH'UAN" (value 5) - similar to the pu ch'uan coins of Wang Mang, but of a much coarser fabric and style.
s-215 "Ssu Shu" (or 4 Shu) - This type was issued during the ancient Sung Dynasty.
wu shu "Wu Shu" (or 5 Shu) - This was the most common coin of ancient China after about 150 B.C. There are many varieties, some of which can be assigned to specific dynasties. This image will link you to a more detailed Wu shu listing.

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