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Fake Lucius Verus Sestertius

Fake Lucius Verus Sestertius

Enlargement of Obverse

Enlargement of Reverse

This is a modern imitation of a Lucius Verus sestertius, that was offered for sale on ebay as a modern imitation (lot #1367786749 closing Jul-28-02 23:01:00 PDT). We downloaded the images and present them here with permission of the seller "tonyscoins" whom we recommend for presenting the coin as the fake that it is. We note that at the same time another specimen from the same dies, but chemically treated to give it an artificial but rather genuine looking patination, was offered on ebay as genuine by a different seller (whom we informed of the situation, but at the time I am writing this was still offering it as genuine). I cannot provide the image of that specimen as I do not have the permission of the seller do do so.

MANUFACTURE: The fact that two specimens of the same engraving, but with very different flan shapes and centering should exist, strongly suggests this is a die struck fake.

FIRST IMPRESSION: In it's natural new state the coin is not terribly convincing, with the style of the portrait slightly odd, but when artificially patinated it gives a much better first impression


Very low

Low to very low
High (especially when re-patinated), as can be confirmed by the fact that at the time I am writing this 7 different bidders had bid on the one offered as genuine, and it was over $100 with 8 days to go in the auction.

The specimen on ebay offered as genuine weighed 29.3 grams. At this point I do not have the specification as size, as I have only seen images of this type and not had a chance to actually examine one (I would expect it to be between 30 and 35 mm at that weight). I would appreciate hearing from anyone that could provide me with the size and weight of other examples of this fake.

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